Importance of Meditation and Peace in Life

For centuries, meditation has been used to alleviate stress and ease the body and mind. That is the reason behind meditation being a part of religion in earlier times. However, today, meditation is not a religion but a way of life and rather a clinical approach towards having better quality of life. The rise in awareness towards meditation is a direct result of rise in the level of stress among people these days. Specialists believe that if stress in not controlled within time, it could lead to a number of serious medical complications, often a life threatening one too.

Things meditation can cure

As per medical and non-medical research, practicing medication creates a relaxation response which counters the damages caused due to continuous stress and anxiety. Some of the conditions where meditation can work better than medication are Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Cancer, Cardiovascular disorders, Addictions, Chronic pains, Fear issues, Insomnia and Anger issues.

Why it is important to slow down

At times of stress, adrenal hormones in our body raise our blood pressure, heart beat and blood sugar level and dampen our immune system. When we test our mind and body in delivering productivity throughout the day, we create stress for ourselves and believe that we are earning more and more money every day. However, we fail to understand the hidden financial and non-financial expenses we pay due to the ailments created due to stress. Thus, it is very crucial for our body and soul to slow down and for ourselves to keep reorganizing every day.

Importance of the place we live in

Often we ignore the fact that we and our lifestyle are a reflection of the place where we live in. For example, if we are living at a busy street in New York, all we would see every day and night is fast pace of life and no time to even have proper rest. On the other hand, if we are living at a serene and quite place like Marsh Pointe Charleston, we would realize the importance of nature, greenery, environment in our lives and will thus have a similar approach towards life. The point is that our decisions make us who we are and the kind of life we live.

To sum it up, a successful life cannot be attained without having a healthy life. Correspondingly, a healthy life would not happen until we make arrangements and room for peace and tranquility in our lives. It’s up to us how we connect with ourselves and with the world around us and make the best out of everything.

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